Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Jumping Jacks

Ever had any of those crazy moments with fire crackers?
Well, I did on New Year's Eve. My niece and nephew invited me to share the joys with them, and it was quite an experience.

The honor of lighting the first bottle rocket fell to me, but everyone else got the most zing from the show. You see, I just happened to grab the one that was broken on the end (my fault :\). It lit. It fell. It shot toward the house (where everyone waited), brushed over the rooftop, and burst in a shower of sparks in the backyard. (The dog didn't like that - lol :D )

But I got my own dosage later. I took a string of jumping jacks. Lit them. Tossed them. Well...most of them. A few broke off and popped between my feet. I did my own form of jumping jacks which set the whole porch to laughing. My mom's oh-so-worried comment - "How'd that go again?" :)

What's your story?