Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Do You Wake Up With Songs in Your Head?

Do you? Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one. This morning the Talley's "The Broken Ones" played over and over again in my mind.

All it takes to make a difference is a willing heart and a tender touch. It doesn't have to be a grand act to be a blessing to others. A simple cup of water, a card, a kind word, maybe a story only you can tell that will minister to a broken person. Even the smallest things count when done for Christ and for His Kingdom (Matthew 25:34-40).

We all can name someone who is broken, needy. Maybe that someone is you. Jesus Christ is the answer to our brokenness, and He's willing to help restore and heal if we'll only ask Him to.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ever Been to the TX Civil War Museum?

They had multiple recreations of battle scenes. 
Ever been to the Texas Civil War Museum in Fort Worth? Do you like history, old ships, old dresses, old guns? How about a cannon or two? Well, they've got it all. :) And I got to see it! You want to see too? Well, good. I took a slew of pictures that I could go back and peruse at my leisure later.

Here's a few...

Presentation Sword given to
Ulysses S. Grant
by the people of Kentucky in May, 1864
If that musket didn't do the job,
they might use one of these.

Know what this is called?
Yeah, I didn't either. :)
It's a concertina used by
Private John Martin. 
Notice the canteen is made of wood.
There were actually quite a few of these.
Some were made of leather too.

Anybody interested in medicine? This was an amputation kit originally used by the Union army, but it was later confiscated by the Confederates.
One of my favorites from the multiplied
number of dresses there. 
My, my! Ladies, aren't you glad we don't have
to wear all this under our skirts now? :)

Hope you've enjoyed the pictures with me. I've shared a few extra over on Stitches Thru Time today, if you'd like to see more. :)

Tell me: which picture is your favorite?