Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Youth Hunting - Oxymoron?

This past weekend makes me wonder if the phrase "youth hunting" is an oxymoron. Deer hunting for younguns accompanied by an adult ended this weekend, so my mother took my niece and nephew out to the deer stand.

First rattle out of the box, my mom suggests they bring a jacket because it'll get colder as the sun goes down. Do they take that advice? Of course not - well, at least not my nephew. Did he regret it? Of course he did. :)

But that was only the beginning of the fun. These two have ants in their pants and for them to sit still is a feat in and of itself. They're shushing each other and arguing over who gets to sit where - all in all making more noise than a hen house under a possum invasion. All this racket sets my mom to laughing until her sides hurt. She comments, "A deer'd have to be blind, deaf or sick to not hear you two and deserves to be shot."

Soon after, my nephew claims her lap and goes to sleep. He snores - loudly. Can you believe they didn't shoot a single thing? :) However, my mom says she knew that would happen. The point of the trip was to make memories and they made a slew of them.

Do you have any oxymoron moments?