Monday, February 9, 2015

What Do You Know?

I learned two things--okay, make that three--this weekend. One, I can still do back flips and front flips on the trampoline. Yay! Two, I learned how to crack a bull whip. (Thank you, Mama. :) ) Three, I learned, yet again, that with God nothing is impossible. With Him, I can do anything. Even crazy writing goals.

I set some of those this weekend, and honestly, part of me thought them impossible, but God reassured me with Him I can do all things. With Him, nothing is impossible. So let me encourage you this lovely Monday morning. If you have a problem, a goal, a situation that's too big for you, it's not too big for God. Give it to Him and see what y'all can do together. :)

P.S. I'm learning one more thing as I write this---it's very interesting trying to type with one jammed finger in a splint. Yep, sometimes learning involves a little pain or inconvenience.

What have you learned lately or even today? Are you facing a challenge? How can I pray for you?