Monday, July 11, 2011

The Husband Exchange - What's it about?

Hi Ya'll! Thought I'd wet your taste buds a little for The Husband Exchange. Here's a little blurb to catch your interest...

Sarah Asher had accepted her life. After ten years of marriage and no children, she opted to work alongside her husband than stay alone indoors. Sarah even went so far as to “man” the chuck wagon for their yearly trip up the Chisholm Trail. Unfortunately during this run, she must face unexpected tragedy as well as the long, dusty miles. Two weeks out from the rail-heads in Kansas, Sarah finds herself kneeling across from Joe Matthews as they listen to her husband’s dying request. Marriage between the two of them – now!

Best friend and partner to Allen Asher, Joe Matthews enjoyed his life as a single man. Helping run the LW Ranch and providing for his widowed mother, he never planned to take a wife. But with a dying wish, the plans changed. Married to Allen's widow, he never knew his life would be so different. Nor did he ever realize one woman could bring so much havoc into his well structured world.

Amid various trials and perilous encounters, will Sarah and Joe find what they need in God and each other to endure the changes brought on by The Husband Exchange?