Friday, March 7, 2014

February Firsts

Have you had any "firsts" lately? Just looking back on February, I can name two. I know, I know it's March, not February, but I did some scrolling through my camera.

For my first first (say that ten times fast =) ), I learned how to read, pin, and cut out a pattern. That was the easy part. Not that hard at all. I can even say I did better than Lucy. The carpet stayed fully intact. =)

Second, I learned how to put that pattern together with a sewing machine. This included pestering my sister with my questions at odd hours of the evening. Thanks, sis. =)

This also meant learning how to thread the bobbin---and no, that's not the thing that bobs up and down. =) I also figured out how to do the button hole stitches and taught myself how to sew a hem.

Oh and FYI, that waistband was a dilly to get together. I stopped counting how many times I went back over a certain section because something didn't catch. =)

What was it like for you to sew on a machine for the first time? Do you have any fun "firsts" that have happened in your world lately?