Friday, February 28, 2014

Pecking Order

Pecking order. Do you know where that phrase comes from? If your guess would be chickens, you'd be right, and I just got a first-hand experience at what happens when the pecking order in a hen house changes.

I've had two roosters for a while. One of them was particularly mean. He's now in a cage waiting to become dumplings. :) Yep, that's how I roll.

Anyway... Guess what? Uh-huh, the pecking order has changed.

Now that Mr. Meanie is gone. Mr. Meanie x2 has emerged. I've taken to carrying a stick with me to the hen house so I don't get spurred. Today, I grabbed up my bucket of feed and my handy-dandy stick and trotted my happy, little self out to the coop, opened the door, kept my stick ready to swing, and dumped in the feed. I was going good ... till he got past the stick.

Round 1: Rooster meets stick. Four! Rooster comes back for more.
Round 2: Rooster meets boot. Rooster steps back and stares trying to decide if I'm worth the effort.
Round 3: Rooster gets another boot to get the message and finally decides "Hmm. She means business." He turns and retreats. :)

I win! This battle at least. I pray there is never a round 4.

How about you? Any rooster rounds to mention? Got any ideas on what this rooster should be named?