Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Chicken Guarding Chickens - Part II

 So you thought that was it for yesterday's chicken snake experience? Yeah, well, so did I. That is until I went out to close up the chickens last night. The chicken house door was only 6 to 9 inches from being completely closed even though I'd left it wide open earlier. Why was it that way, you ask? Oh, because the chicken snake that I'd shot was dangling part in and part out of the doorway.

Yeah, you guessed it--I did a Texas two-step in the opposite direction. :) I went and found another shovel. (One was leaning by the chicken coop door and much too close to that snake.) There would be no doubt in my mind that snake was completely and thoroughly dead before I came any closer to it. And trust me, if I could've left it there and gotten away with it, I would've, but then some other critter could get to my chickens and the carcass would've drawn them besides.

So what do I do? I throw a chunk of wood at the snake. It didn't move. I inched closer, squeezing the shovel handle in my grip. I closed the chicken house door on the snake. It still didn't move. Yep, it was dead. Using my shovel I scooped up the long critter and chucked it's sorry carcass near the creek.

Laying in bed that night, reflecting on my day's experiences, I came to realize that there is some very freeing and exhilarating about facing and overcoming something that nearly paralyzes you with fear. I also experienced firsthand that when Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" --He really means ALL. :)

Do you have any fears that God has helped you face and overcome? How did it feel to be the victor?