Monday, March 11, 2013

Captivating -- Spring Meadow Sanctuary

Lynette Bonner's Spring Meadow Sanctuary was released back in November of last year, and Lynette was wonderful enough to let me have a free copy to read and review. Now that I've read this story I wish I'd had the time to read it sooner. Lynette is a wonderful storyteller that keeps you captivated to the very end. She even managed to pull in characters from the three previous books in this series--books I'll have to go back and read now. ;) I already have two of them on my kindle. :)

Cade and Sharyah's story is full of flawed characters, conflict, and wonderful plot twists, if not a tad more descriptive violence than I'm used to. There was one sentence that gave my eyebrows rise, but if you like a western with outlaws and undercover lawmen, you'll enjoy this story.

Here's the amazon link should you want to buy it.