Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cats, Dogs, & Monkeys

Most people have heard the saying, "it's raining cats and dogs." Well at some point in time during my childhood. we took it a step further. When it's down-pouring especially hard--like it was this weekend--we say, "it's raining cats, dogs, and monkeys."

Often when it's raining cats, dogs, and monkeys, we lose our electricity. This weekend was no exception, except I took exception to what happened to me in the darkness. I love oil lamps. (Some call them hurricane lamps--I even have one with kerosene still in it.) However, I learned the hard way that refilling them is not always the easiest feat (especially without the best of lighting). I know the whole trick of pouring the oil down the wick so you don't pour it everywhere, but of course--talented girl that I am--I still managed to make a grand mess. How?

My brand new bottle of oil needed opening. It had one of those push-turn lids. Easy enough, right? Wrong. I pushed and turned. It didn't break loose. I pushed harder. The bottle capsized and started pouring liquid all over my counter. I hurried to pop the plastic back out, but not before I had a huge mess that I could hardly see to clean up. When I went to pour it in the oil lamp, I ended up spilling even more on my counter. I sopped with rags, paper towels, anything close by that I could get my hands on. Do you have any idea how overpowering that stench can be? I smelled it for days before I realized--after I began airing out my house and still smelled it--that I put the paper towels in the trash. :)

As you can see, I give myself plenty to laugh at. Share the joy. Have you had any of those I-can't-believe-that-happened-to-me moments?