Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Creepy-Crawlies

This past week I've had multiple opportunities for my skin to crawl.
  • I was doing more research. This time on resetting broken arms. I watched a video online and before they could even pull on the dude's arm I was cringing. Ouch!
  • I went shopping one day. All was well and good (unless you count my feet hurting ;) ) when I got home that night. I load up my arms, grab the keys, and unlock the door. Did I tell you it was dark? Well, this "thing" drops down from above. I flicked on a light, and lo and behold there was a two-inch centipede wiggling on my floor. Not the innocent looking kind (if there is one). No, this was one of those spiky, could-have-landed-in-my-hair kinds. Yikes! You'd be proud of me - I didn't squeal or go searching for a paint can. :) I actually had shoes on this time. And now... let's just say he's creepy but no longer crawly. (I had to find a picture that resembled my bug. This pic is where I prefer seeing a centipede.)