Tuesday, October 11, 2011

200 Years and Still Standing

How many people can say they've walked around a 200 year old house? Well, after my trip to St. Louis, I can now say that I have. I got to wander around the house Daniel Boone lived in for over a decade before he died. It was actually his youngest son's home. Beautiful place - unfortunately, I could only take pictures of it from the outside.

The first story was actually built into a hill and housed the kitchen and dining room. Window sills  inside this place were a good 2 to 3 ft deep because that was the thickness of the stone walls. They believe Boone helped design the house, and I, for one, can surely believe that. The place even had holes between the windows to shoot out of at one time.

Boone's house wasn't the only attraction there. They also had a village tour of old buildings that were brought in from various locations. I think my favorite would be the church. Can we say gorgeous?! And get this - the preacher's study was a windowed gazebo-like structure outside the church. No getting married in secret back then. ;)