Thursday, August 25, 2011

Scorpion vs. Behr

I know what you're thinking...she's a writer and she's already misspelled the title. Not! I did that on purpose. Allow me to explain...I'll start with the scorpion. First off, I have a great dislike for these snappy, stinging, eight-legged crawlers. This is probably because I got stung twice by them growing up (both times while in bed - not fun!) My mother has come to call them "my pets." But believe you me - I don't want one around unless its dead and even then he better not stay long.

Now that I've chased that rabbit - let me tell you about the other night. I'm winding down to go to bed, and what do I see? Yep, you guessed it. I spot one of "my pets" crawling behind the TV in my living room. My senses are now on high alert as I ready to turn in for the night. I'm flicking on lights before I enter a room, hitting a switch before walking down a dark hallway, carefully watching the carpet or tile for anything that moves. (Think it took me a little longer than normal?  :) )

In spite of all this, I manage to find my PJs and make one last trip to the bathroom - which of course means more light switching because I have to pass thru the deeply shadowed utility room. Nothing's crawling so I skitter on past through the doorway. Just before I hit the lights to go back to my bedroom, I look down. Gotta check the floor one more time. And there it is. A 1 1/2 to 2 inch, light beige, tail-swinging scorpion.

I'm trapped. I have no shoes. No other exit. What's a girl suppose to do? Let me rephrase that - What's a country girl suppose to do? As you can guess, I ...

Oh were you expecting to hear more. :) You are going to have to guess, aren't you? Well at least until Tuesday of next week. Grrr, right? Until then, I'd love some comments of what you think this freckle-faced country girl did.